We offer two types of accounts: our Premium mapping solution, and our Parcel Overlay subscription.
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All listed prices are per user.
5 or more accounts? Contact our sales team for bulk pricing discounts.
Free Account
Premium Account
Parcel Overlays
(per State)
Premium and Parcel
Free for 30 days
$499 / year
$44.99 / month
$149 / year
$14.99 / month
Add unlimited map markers, polygons, labels, layers, photos, videos, and documents
Integrates with TerraStride Pro Mobile and HuntStand (Android & iOS)
Advanced Soil Tool
Access to more than 15 base layers and overlays
Share maps with anyone (business websites, MLS sites, social media, and more)
Print detailed maps and create PDFs with legends
Parcel Search tools, including search by Parcel ID, Name, and more
Complete Cloud Access. View your maps anywhere, anytime, from any device.
Unlimited maps
Unlimited Customer Service - Call us anytime with any questions
Marketing Analytics Tool
Display your properties for sale on HuntStand, the most popular hunting app on the market. Reach over 1.5m outdoor enthusiasts.