TerraStride Pro Features

Create and customize online maps that give your prospective buyers interactive listing information.

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Media Rich

  • Mark up and view a property’s features against multiple base layer maps.
  • Draw polygons, lines, and point assets to indicate fields, roads, structures, and other assets.
  • Attach photos, videos, and documents to any map object.
  • Group assets into layers to quickly browse through different features, such as timberland and hunting assets.
  • Present your vision for improving and developing properties.

Easy to Integrate

  • Import and export geo-coordinates and KML files from ArcGIS and other mapping systems.
  • Instantly measure distance, area, and elevation.

Easy to Share

  • Easily share TerraStride Pro’s online maps with prospects and other brokers. All they need is the URL.
  • Link or integrate TerraStride Pro’s interactive maps to your website and listings on multiple listing services.
  • Control who can see and edit your maps.
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